Waste Robotics uses Macron Cartesian gantry system in eco-friendly trash sorter

Problem: Waste Robotics, a leader in advanced waste handling processes, computer vision, deep learning algorithms and state-of-the-art robotic technologies that enable smaller, more precise, safer and more profitable waste recycling facilities selected Macron Dynamics actuators to power their WR-1 Waste Handling System. 

They needed a robust 3 axis Cartesian gantry system with proven performance that would fit within the operating framework with optimum reach.

Solution: The Macron MCS-UC2 3 axis Cartesian gantry system was the ideal solution to integrate into Waste Robotics’ organic green waste sorting robot. The MCS-UC2 is a standard configuration Linear Robot that is built to specific customer travel requirements. The belt driven design easily met processing speed of 12 tons MSW/hour and 2000 picks/hour.

System Benefits: One of the unique aspects of the system performance is the “tossing” approach to the pick and place motion. The speeds of each axis were optimized by Waste Robotics Engineers to create this unique motion profile. No other Cartesian gantry system could facilitate this motion effectively.

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